How LinkedIn increase Your Website Traffic

How LinkedIn Increase Your Website Traffic!

1. Complete your profile!

The first impression you get on LinkedIn is your profile. Try to make this impression as much as possible!
Build your company profile with your business brand name. The page of your business should be special, professional, and in a way that stays in the minds.

To do this, it is better to use the banner image and brand name on this image but it should be personalized. Use your business logo on LinkedIn to identify your brand and build more trust for the viewers. Tell us a short story about your business background in the “About Us” part.
Complete your personal profile: It doesn’t matter if you are a content marketer, a blogger, a small business owner, a sales manager, or a CEO. The important thing is that you are the one who wants to use LinkedIn to expand your communication network. In LinkedIn, real people have a place, and it is definitely better to communicate with a real person than a business.

So it is better to complete your personal profile in a short and professional and at the same time personalized way and put a picture of yourself that is professional and intimate. Put the blog and website link in both the company profile and your personal profile.
We try to explain the matter better with an example. For example, HootSuite’s company profile on LinkedIn is both personal and very well recognizable. The logo image is also applied in it. The banner image is both welcoming and very efficient. Because this image shows the customer applying their services.

2. Build your communication network:

Look for people on LinkedIn that you know. LinkedIn can be considered a modern tool for storing business cards. LinkedIn provides a good platform for communicating with contacts and expanding the communication network.
To expand your LinkedIn network, connect with people who:
• Do you work with them or have you worked with them before?
• Have been a schoolmate?
• are part of your email contacts?
• You know them from LinkedIn groups?
• Introduced to you by your current contacts?
• Meet offline at events?
• Communicate with you on other social media? or you may have met with them through other changes!

The more connections you have, the more people will see your updates on LinkedIn.

3. Be active 

If you want to absorb traffic from LinkedIn to your website, you must be active; In other words, leave posts regularly on LinkedIn!
Update your status weekly. This will make your profile more intimate or your company logo will be seen as more organized by the business network.

The more you see through your communication network, the more confidence it creates. Thus it is now possible to click on your website link if it causes. Confidence builds potential.
Network Crossing Recognize your communication network as spam. It is better not to block you for this contact, consider a limit for posting. See how many times a week it is better to post.
Link to your articles on the website. Use LinkedIn to improve relationships. Invite contacts to connect through a website or blog.

4. Join targeted groups:

One of the key features of LinkedIn is group building. There are more than 1.5 million groups in LinkedIn, and 81% of LinkedIn users are members of at least one of these groups!
There are many different groups on LinkedIn. For sure you can find the right group to share your articles with.
To find a group, click on the “Interests” tab and then select “Groups” in the menu that appears. Look for topics. LinkedIn also suggests several groups based on your profile and activities!
When you find the groups you are interested in, look at them first. Consider the number of members and activities. If it’s a public group, you can tell by the type of posts whether it benefits your business or not. take the membership of groups that have the same matters and concerns which you encounter!

5. Create a group related to your business

If really could not find the right group, or you want to have a special one, create a group for yourself.
It should be noted that if you want to pick it, you must share the group information yourself at the beginning. Due to the reduction of spam in the group and having a good space for discussion, you should write clear rules for the group. So be adjusted to do it now.

6. Cooperate with your communication network!

Such as other networks, more participation, the more relationships you will build!
Use questions, statistics, or personal comments when linking to an article in your post. In this way, you are giving a reason to comment, like, or share the post with others. Be sure to thank someone when they comment on your update. Reply to comments to continue the conversation and build your relationship.
LinkedIn also has tools for creating polls. Use this opportunity to get more involved with your communications and group members. Create a survey to get people interested in your articles. For example, you could ask short questions that you answered in a blog or website post.

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