What is digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing?

Have you ever seen a digital marketer at work? He stares at the monitor for hours, clicks, and types.
Nobody knows what he is thinking about! He is talking nonsense, but for the moment he stares at the monitor and drinks his coffee, suddenly is selling millions or even billions! What a good job! Is ‘t it? Do you want to know what digital marketing is and what exactly digital marketers do?

Digital marketing simply means marketing with digital tools! What exactly does a digital marker do when staring at a monitor? What tools do they use to deal with?

And how they sell a product or service? It is a long story that we have described below but in short.

Be sure to follow the below post to understand the whole story from the beginning;

The following is an example of what digital marketing is in practice and how it supports businesses and individuals.

What does digital marketing mean in practice?
Remember the last product you bought online? We assume you were looking to buy a mobile phone to see what role a digital marketer plays in this buying process.

Step# 1: Doing a search

Statistics show, more than 60% of people who have access to the Internet search for the product on the Internet before each purchase. This search can be a simple taking quotation or in-depth investigation.

If you are not an expert with phones and do not know about the new offered models, most likely you will search such this: “Best new phones”, “Best mobile under 1000 dollar”, “Samsung 2020”, anyway you will try to find a list of your desired models.

The role of digital marketing at this step could include several parts. First, it is required the digital marketer to publish posts or videos based on your needs. This part of the effort is content-based marketing.
Secondly, the website, or any other platform, providing the information to the audience must be SEO. Simply, a page or website takes a high rank among thousands of Google search results!

Step#2: Compare

Now that you have read some posts and advertisements or even electronic manuals, it is time to compare models. You are looking for the names of three suggested models. In the search, you click on the first link, which is an ad. Ads within Google are managed and executed by the Google Ads service. A digital marketer optimizes ads so that they are targeted to potential customers in search results.

Usually, we do not limit ourselves to one result in searches and open several tabs at the same time. When the users have lots of choices, Details are essential. At this step, the digital marketer must make sure that the needed information is available and that the overall user experience is satisfying. Design skills, experience, and user interface play a role here!

Also, digital marketers who understand digital analytics tools such as Google Analytics will recognize what resources users reach the website from, what they do, and what causes them to quit online shopping.

Step # 3- Discovering customer purpose

Following all the investigations, the user will reach a final choice. Also, they check the prices, warranty, and accessories and finally decide to order from a not so well-known site.

During the purchase process, things go well and you receive a text message confirming the registration of the order is accomplished!

Step 4: Loyalty and client return!

Finally, the customer takes his final choice and will purchase the concerning goods from a website. But suppose glass and frame are not bought for the phone yet and the customer feels they are missing. On the same day or coming other days, an SMS will be sent from the online store that the glass and frames of this model have been reduced by 30%. Here it is required, the customer will be persuaded to also to order glasses and frame from the same store. The SMS advertising message includes the Instagram link which provides easier goods presentation; the client after surfing the Instagram page also will be convinced to follow your page to be advised on all discounts which you will offer in the future!
Anyway, digital marketers, try to apply all marketing tools by sending messages, advertising, managing social media, and setting up online sales campaigns to finally persuade customers to purchase from your site and keep them as a loyal customer!

So, in general, a digital marketer, along with other professionals, tries to sell or provide services on digital platforms in the best possible way.

Thanks for reading our post, we are looking forward to hearing your comments on this!

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