Are copy logos would be registrable?

Logos taken from ready-made designs or copies of other logos will not be registrable and will not actually create value for your brand! Here in Neatma we will develop your logos/other services inclusively and customized!

How much Neatma will charge for a logo or other branding services?

We determine the cost of logo design based on the amount of time and energy that will consume which will be estimated right away after consultation/discussion with the clients! Of course, we will offer much less expensive vs market to keep satisfying our clients!

Is there any difference between the cost of a written and visual logo?

In designing for all different logotypes,( Letter marks, Logotype, logo symbols, Mascots, The combination mark, The emblem), or even the language will have no effect on the cost! But of course, it depends on the complexity which you are looking for!

How can a standard logo affect my business?

The earliest impression of using a standard and professional logo is its positive impact on your customer’s mind. A logo is a brand identity and indirectly stamps your brand personality in the customer’s mind, Here in Neatma we create a winner brand for your business enthusiastically!

Will I be updated on my requested project?

Of course! The moment you decide to start a project with us ( after the consultation) you would be able to keep interacting with us to be aware of your development phases and we would get in touch with you with any queries! You would thus be kept updated on your project at all times.

How long does my project take?

The turnaround time for a logo from agreement to completion is typically 2-3 weeks and for websites 3-5 weeks! but of course, timescales are also dependent on customer response time, and any additional changes to designs.

Other projects based on the complexity will be negotiable and will be advised right away after consultation!

How many Logo Design revisions will you make? How about other services?

We offer enough revisions, which means we would go on fine-tuning your project to find it absolutely fit for you and your business. All revisions are free of charge (before your final confirmation), Our only goal is to please you so you remain a happy client.

For other services, of course, we have enough interaction to reach you to the best results!

What is the Madrid agreement?

The Madrid Registration Protocol is a treaty under which all States Parties (72 countries) can register and monopolize the intellectual property of their trademarks through a single standard. International Registrations give a bundle of rights administered centrally via the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Switzerland.

What is the meaning of standard logo design?

Standard logo design means that your logo has the following features:

• Should have a high power of reminding/hinting.
•  Attract and motivate viewers.
•  Expand the concepts of your business and brand.
•  Must be designed exclusively and give positive signals to your customer.
•  Must be able to be registered domestically and internationally.
•  should be designed based on the thoughts, views, and tastes of the employer.
•  Must be in different sizes and based on materials have the ability to print or execute everywhere.

What do I get from a logo project?

Once your logo design is finished we will deliver a complete kit of files to let you use them across various mediums. Below is a review of what Neatma will provide:

  • CMYK version – Full-color printing is made up of only 4 colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black. These 4 colors blend to create any images you can imagine. You will need this format when you want to have printed material that displays full-color images on the same page. Will deliver you in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) formats.
  • Pure black version – This is the pure black version of your logo. This is fitting for black and white, or single color documents. Given in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.
  • Pure white version – Want to use your logo over a dark photo, or on a solid dark color? A white version solves color and visibility issues to give the best result. Provided in Vector (Ai/PDF/EPS) format.
  • RGB version – Unlike print colors, screen colors are made up of Red, Green, and Blue, mixing the light of each color to make up the full-color spectrum. Your logo will be provided as an optimized Jpeg file format, and transparent PNG, as well as SVG, which is a vector version for digital use.
  • Favicon – A 32 x 32 favicon will be designed to use on your website.
  • Copyright Ownership – We will transfer copyright ownership of the final agreed logo to you!