How to design a great logo?Tips on logo design

Tips on logo design:

In this post, we will focus on some essential points to create a great logo comes from the professional designer’s experiences! 
We hope by reading this short post, you gain some valuable knowledge!

1- Logo complexity

complexity is one of the most critical elements in logo design! because a logo must be shown in a variety of places, such as company letterhead, company website, applications, different media for advertisements, etc!
If the logo would be complex, it will be tough to be recognizable and understandable in small sizes. Hence, try to present the logo to the customer at minimum complexity!
so in designing the logo, you should pay attention to the fact that the logo may be installed on a billboard along the road or an application (in a very small size) and still deliver the same feeling to the audience!
remember to explain incorporating different ideas into a simple logo is no easy task.
This is an important issue and is sure to talk about it in the first conversation with your customer!
Convince them that the simpler the logo, the greater the impact on the audience!
Tell them If they look at the outstanding and professional logos on the Internet, they will find that all audience-friendly logos have simple designs with a simple idea behind them.
The more ideas involved in logo design, the more confusing points to your final customers!
Explain to your clients why their logo should be designed somehow not to be complicated!
A logo that has a lot of details and complexity is not only difficult to design but also difficult to be remembered, recall!
Why waste your time to design a logo full of details and complexity when we all know that a simple one brings more attraction?
Actually, When you try to create a simple design, you will understand this is no easy job. Simple designs show that a professional designer created it, in fact, shows that the designer’s mind is capable of simplifying complex ideas based on existing ideas about a business or a job!

2- Consider the target audience!

Usually, the reason why some people/companies are looking to design a new logo is that they feel the current one is no longer effective!
A company’s partners or some of its core values ​​may have changed. but the basic principle should be kept as before also considering the target audience, not just rebuilding to increase the company’s sales!

Here are just some simple tips:
The logo should have a sharp and immediate effect on the audience. This item is one of the signs of a suitable logo.
The logo should convey a sense of welcome and reliability to the audience and finally again, if the design is extremely complex, the audience has to search and learn to understand its meaning, it will most likely not have a good effect. Especially nowadays, we are living when speed is the priority! for complicated designs, audiences have to spend a lot of time to understand the field of our activities!

3- Use colors accurately!

Normally, every company has a trade identity and an organizational color before ordering its logo.
it serves the designer a lot when picking the color for the logo. When the client does not have a particular color scheme for his organization, you should present the logo to the customer in different colors. You are probably not interested in using high-intensity colors that make the logo design disgusting and complex when printed on a page or advertisement.

Consider print colors

Certain degrees of website colors can be obtained from CMYK print colors. Experience has shown that the best way to check how secure web colors are displayed when printing is to print the logo yourself once.
Why wait for the clients to find the difficulties?! It is better to print the logo with a printer that supports the main colors to see the outcomes.
It should be noted that you can get the best color quality on photo quality paper.

Prioritize colors

if you are in a position to focus carefully to pick a color, keep in mind that this logo may be printed by a black and white office printer as well! So, try to make the form and shape of the logo your priority and put the color in the final position decision!
Colors can always be modified or changed at the end of the project.

Distinctive features

If the customer asks to apply the same graphic shapes and text in the logo design, it is recommended that you work on all the components separately, unless you can handle them all together. It is a good idea to work on each of the text and shape items independently. Finally, put them all together and complete the design.
This is one of the things that may be suggested to you in the field of logo design.

Do not tag the logo (small explanation below the logo) This does make an issue but it is not within the scope of the logo design!


This is the ultimate impression of a powerful and successful logo design. more time a person spends looking at the logo, recording, and keeping it in mind raises.

Do you know why the Nike logo is so successful and has an iconic look?
Is it just because it is a proud and famous logo?
Certainly, the reason for the persistence of this logo is that it is always visible to the audience due to the commercial advertising method that is always visible on TV and in print ads and many banners.
moreover, Of course, I have seen many companies that have spent a lot of money on advertising, but in addition to the good quality they had, they could not attract the audience as much as they spent?! Don’t you think that this could be a reason for their relative failures?


Thanks for reading our post, we are looking forward to hearing your comments on this!

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