The connection between branding and positioning! What makes them distinct?

The connection between branding and positioning!

Graphic designers, business owners, marketers, and branding experts all are aware of the branding influence on the success and prosperity of any business and startup!
Focusing on branding from another angle, noted which there had been something is forgotten which is brand positioning! Believe most people confuse positioning as a feature of branding! but positioning indeed is a separate concept that needs a different approach!

What is the difference between branding and positioning?
What is the connection between?
Do you need both or you just need one of them to reach excellent results?

Branding includes all the things that create positive expectations at the sight of the customer but positioning includes things that the customer prefers your brand to other competitors. In positioning, you focus on how your products or services compete with other players!

What is the real meaning of branding?

Jeff Bezos is widely quoted as saying, “Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room,” if we want to define it more precisely, it is the process of designing the character for a product, service, or company!
When you start a business or lunch a product or offer a new service, you have to know how the viewers take their draw attention towards you! Then, you should take several steps to influence your target customers! it is happening by brand introduction, your company, your products, or services. present to them what solutions you have for their concern and how you will deal with them effectively!
Effective branding helps you the value that customers should pay be determined and convinces them that you are offering great value against their money!

Each brand is distinguished by several elements:
• Company logo design
• website
• Advertising
• packing
• Culture

When you combine all those elements and come up with ways to promote your brand, at this time you reach your own brand strategy. Then with a recognized strategy, you need a plan on a specific branding campaign through different distribution channels!

There are several steps that you can take to reach a successful brand strategy:
• Set goals and be sure to be committed to them
• Find ads that fit your brand message.
• Stimulate the emotions of your target customer.
• involve somehow all employees in the brand promotion (ask and think about how they will be able to engage at brand promotion)
• adjust the campaign with the latest trends but smartly and not impatiently!
•Being aware of competitors.

Awareness about competitors is the key part of branding, which exactly brings the concept of branding closer to positioning!

Why branding is important?

A sustainable branding strategy allows your target audience to express a positive perception of your product/service! This will add value to everything you sell, so you will be able to charge more against your products and services.
A strong brand supports the price, just like Estée Lauder, which can easily sell it’s cream at a higher price than other companies, even if non-reputable companies use the same ingredients. Estée’s constant and powerful strategy has created brand equity and customers will pay a higher price!

even most clients would not try other brands because they believe will catch what are expecting from their chosen brand. Added value is created not only through quality but also through emotional dependence. For example, a luxury cosmetics brand links its commodities with Hollywood stars and celebrities so will earn much profit by taking this strategy!
Just celebrities do not lead to better selling cosmetics but also the place is another effective element!
If branding strategy assists to achieve better positioning, it would be clear why developing a brand will be noticeable! So it makes sense to invest in it.

What is brand positioning?

For positioning, first, you need the product or service that you intend to develop. With some efforts, you need to follow and manage users’ perception of your brand. You need to signal to them that they can not get the same experience of your products and services from other competitors. In some cases, the company may decide to design a new positioning campaign for the current brand and in most cases, however, the post-branding process will be taken as a technic.
Reebok, for example, when it began to change its brand positioning, arrived at a well-established name. The company spent lots of resources to convince audiences that they were better than other competitors and herewith had improved its brand positioning.

In this regard, the company began to expand its Interaction with customers who chose their brand before any other one in the market. Effective positioning is about creating a unique emotional advantage that differentiates your brand from competitors and includes the following steps:
• develop a brand positioning statement.
• compare the brand vs competitors to identify uniqueness.
• competitors analysis!
• determine the current position.
• position competitors analysis.
• develop a unique positioning strategy.
• Implement the plan and examine its effectiveness.
As you can see, positioning is a different process from branding.
Instead of focusing on users and product experience, you have to focus on competitors and finding ways to rank higher.

Why positioning is important?

Basically, positioning is beyond identifying and improving your position in the market. Positioning is also about to see how important your product or service is and how necessitating it is in the market. It is also about constantly availability and knocking out the competitor in all areas of the customer relationship. By considering this point, your products or services will occupy the market enough and build value in the mind of the target audience.
For instance, Estée Lauder is not just a brand. It is a brand that the target audiences prefer to all competitors. Obviously, positioning strategists have identified and recognized similarities and contrast with other brands. Then, they design a compelling brand promise and release reasons to believe them. That is why the target audience chooses the brand among the competitors!

With smart positioning, the brand gains international prosperities. Brand positioning is not only important but also an absolute necessity!
When you are offering a product or service, you need to determine and improve your position in the business. Otherwise, you will get lost in the market!

What is the connection between branding and positioning?

To make the difference easier to understand, branding focuses on the user’s experience of the product or service, but positioning focuses on a particular advantage that puts the brand over its competitors. Logically, first, you need to build a strong brand before to start positioning. But, in fact, these processes are intertwined. Great positioning helps you to build a stronger brand, and great branding helps you to improve your position. If you use a positioning strategy, you will attract the market to your brand.

Do you need both branding and positioning?

The answer is Yes! Your company keeps being profitable with effective branding because the clients will pay the price you ask for. With the positioning process, you show that the user can not get your brand experience from competitors.
Let to review the Reebok campaign. first of all, they changed their position. Instead of competing with competitors, Then, Reebok came up with a new logo that represented this change. This is branding. Reebok also launched a new marketing campaign based on consumer-centric events and influential marketing. This is a combination of positioning and branding.
Anyway, the reality is, whether you organize an active positioning campaign or not, positioning takes place! Each brand has its place in the market.
But, if you do not work on it, you will not have a significant position. If you take a smart and proactive approach, you can influence your target customers to put you ahead of all your competitors. Now that you understand the difference between the two concepts, it’s time to act!

Both branding and positioning include shared stories. For example, in logo design, the graphic designer must convey both the brand’s position and emotional attraction. When you have to develop a marketing campaign, you need to create content that combines both concepts. The owner of a startup must determine both the brand image and position which is looking for in the market. It will be easier to build a strong brand based on the elements that first set your business apart from the competition (in other words, build a brand).

Competitive positioning: The best ideas to improve brand loyalty!

Competitive positioning is necessary for the victory of brands in today’s competitive, agile, and erratic market!
Marketers and companies encounter similarities in which products and services are almost the same. The outcome is that customers deal with similar products so that price plays a key role. So providing much and better features would not enough to absorb customers and increase loyalty. Now It’s time to move beyond product marketing to branding and positioning.
Now it is proven that following marketers and branding experts’ recommendations, practical tools, and analyzing typical examples will serve you to improve your brand so that connect your brand emotionally to the customer and always stay in the customer’s mind. Step by step, you will learn the best ways to build a competitive position.

Thanks for reading our post, we are looking forward to hearing your comments on this!

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